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Curious about the Philosophy and Spiritual Foundations of The Healing Code?

 A Word from Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson (from the book)

We've been to dozens and dozens of seminars, lectures and workshops over the years. We have read hundreds of books in graduate school, for training programs, and just for fun. We always appreciate it immensely when the presenters share what they believe, especially concerning their spirituality and worldviews.

 We thought you might appreciate knowing that about us.

Simply put, we are followers of Jesus. We believe in one God, his son Jesus, his Holy Spirit who lives in us, and his written word, the Bible. We believe that God is the only being in the universe who is incapable of anything except love--because he is love. We believe that God knows and cares about each tear that falls from every person on earth.

I (Alex) grew up being taught that God was mean, vindictive, and selfish … at least that's what I remember.  It took me many years to get over my religious upbringing. I am reluctant to call myself a Christian because that term means so many things to so many people, and many of the connotations are negative. I eventually came to realize that the Bible does not portray God the way my religious upbringing had taught. The Bible is a love letter. It does contain dos and don'ts, but so does the instruction book for my DVD player. The dos and don'ts are loving instructions by the Creator on how to live in love, joy, and peace.

We believe God calls individuals to certain tasks to spread his love. To us, what we are doing is not primarily a business, but a mission. We believe God has called us to the mission of to helping hurting people through love. Some of this can be accomplished through the wonderful healing methods we sell (for instance, The Healing Codes system and the book).

Some of our mission can be accomplished by giving money generated by these products to programs with a mission similar to ours.

Currently, our main charity is a program in South America for street kids ages 2 through 12. They take them off the street, give them a home, feed them, clothe them, teach them about God's love, and teach them a trade. In short, they give them back their lives.

So, in a nutshell, that's what we believe. If you would like to know more about our beliefs, feel free to contact us at our site. If you would like information on how you can help the street children, we will be happy to tell you.
Thank you and may God bless you!

--Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson

To find out more about the Spiritual Underpinnings of The Healing Code ...

1. Download a copy of the Special Report, "The Spiritual Underpinnings of The Healing Code" by Dr. Alex Loyd and Diane Eble.

2. Sign up for Diane's list to find out more about the spiritual aspects of healing. 


3. Ask your question, listen to a teleseminar recording of Diane Eble interviewing Dr. Alex Loyd and Larry Napier on the spiritual underpinnings of The Healing Code (www.askabouthealingheartissues.com).

4. Read the book.