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The Most Important Book I’ve Ever Worked On

review of The Healing Code by Diane Eble, publishing coach and editor


As an author of 11 published books myself, and an editor and publishing coach who has worked with dozens of other authors, this is the most important book I’ve ever worked on (besides the Bible)—even above my own books.


When Dr. Alex Loyd asked me to help him with his book, I set aside everything to do so because I wanted this information to get into the world.


I had my own dramatic healing with The Healing Codes—it closed up a PFO (hole in my heart), which can be verified by medical records. (The story is in the book and on the Testimonials page.) I had so many amazing results from the Healing Codes that I was eager to get this information out into the world.


Also, I had been frustrated that prior to the book, there was no inexpensive way to learn and use the Healing Codes. Now it's available in a hardcover book that outlines everything you need to know--the theory and practice.


I believe The Healing Codes are one of the most remarkable discoveries of the prior decade. The more I have learned about science (especially the DNA of the cell, as outlined in both Dr. Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief), the more I believe that everything in creation is coded. The Healing Codes unlock the issues of the heart.


Dr. Loyd’s theory of how the “heart” works—how our memories and beliefs get “encoded” into us physically, emotionally, and spiritually--fascinates me. It rings true to my experience and also to my personal world view, which is based on the God's Word.  It's also consistent with what I've learned from how we develop emotionally, as Pam Levin outlines in her Emotional Development 101 course and her book, The Cycle of Life. There is "extragenetic coding" that gets programmed in from our experiences, memories, and beliefs.


As Dr. Loyd points out, the best minds predicted that future medicine would be based on an understanding of energy—70 years ago! Until recently, however, we did not have the science or metaphors to understand how. Now we do. And these authors make it very understandable.


I have long thought that it only makes sense that the key to health is the immune system. This book shows what compromises the immune system, and how The Healing Code deactivates the stressors so that the body's own exquisite immune system can do what it was designed to do.


With this book, you have a starting point for deep healing. Use the Healing Code outlined —all the instructions are there. I like the fact that the authors offer more material for those who register their book. The Heart Issues Finder is a wonderful resource I go back to again and again. The Truth Focus Statements you use with the Code and the Personal Tracking Sheet only have meaning to those who understand The Healing Code. They are “extras” that are printables, so it makes sense to offer them in this way.


Another plus for me personally was getting to know Dr. Alex Loyd—one of the most humble, loving men I’ve ever met. This book was born from his faith and his love for his wife; he discovered The Healing Codes after a 12-year search for a cure for his wife’s depression. (Click here to view her video testimonial--first on the page.)


It’s been a thrill to see the fruit that’s come from this—all the people I’ve seen healed as a Healing Codes practitioner in training. The results, for instance, with my 78-year-old mother have been miraculous—so much healing physically, emotionally, spiritually.


I whole-heartedly recommend this book. If you let it, it will lead to real healing of the true source of all your issues--what's in your heart. "Guard your heart above all else, for from it flow all the issues of life (literally, "all the outgoings of life" or "springs of life")." (Proverbs 3:23)


Note: When you get The Healing Code book here, I will immediately send you special materials I've developed as a Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner to help you get the most out of using The Healing Code for yourself or a loved one. I'll send it right away, so you can get started even before the book arrives!