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 Healing Codes Coaching

The Healing Code in the book is the "universal Healing Code" that works for most people for most issues. We have heard of remarkable results from just using that Code, which is based on 9 years of testing by Dr. Alex Loyd to determine that this Code works for most issues.

However, you may have an issue for which you want quicker results. Working with a Certified Healing Codes Coach-Practitioner can be just what you need in this case.

I have been certified by Dr. Alex Loyd to develop such Custom Codes for people. I quickly and easily help you pinpoint the memories, images and beliefs that truly are at the source of what’s bothering you, whether it’s a health, relationship or success issue. We have found that the more specifically you can pinpoint your issue, and the more specific a Code is to your issue, the faster the healing.

Besides developing Custom Codes for your issue, I will also help you get the most out of using The Healing Code in the book or the Healing Codes in the larger system, so that you will confidently know how to use Healing Codes for the rest of your life.

We can even develop Custom Codes for you to use for or with other people.

People have been amazed at the results they've experienced after getting their Custom Codes.

Success and Health Issues

Steve, Illinois

--Steve, Illinois

Note: Two days after Steve recorded this, he called to say, "Guess what? My back and hip pain, which I've had for years, is now gone!"

Mysterious Skin Itching Relieved

"I had a mysterious skin itching that started in the afternoons and lasted throughout the night, every day. For 18 months different doctors tried different things. Nothing helped. Then I got custom Healing Codes from Diane. Over a period of 2-3 months, the itching totally subsided and has not returned. Now we're working on my osteoarthritis..."

--Marie, Connecticut, age 78

59-Year Cigarette Addicton Healed

"I started smoking 59 years ago mostly to help me deal with depression. But I knew it wasn't good, and for the past 45 years I've tried countless times to quit. I could never quit for more than 2-3 weeks at a time and I was miserable. Numerous health problems that have come up more recently made me desperate to quit, so I called Diane for custom codes.

"My friends cannot believe what's happened. Not only have I been able to go for 2 months without smoking, but it really hasn't bothered me. I've had a few rough times, but I'd just do the Code and the craving would be 95% gone. Also the depression is much, much better.

"I've seen other physical issues improve as well, plus I have more patience. People and things that used to bother me a lot don't anymore. I think that Dr. Alex Loyd's discovery is an amazing gift to the world!"

--Grace, Connecticut, age 74

How Coaching Works

When you request Coaching, I'll contact you to set up our time. I'll also send special instructions so we can make the most of our time. All coaching is done over the phone, and I will call you so you don't have to be concerned about long-distance charges. Note: If you do not live in the United States or Canada, you need to contact me for special instructions. We will have to use Skype or you call me. Email me to work out details.

The links below will take you to a Paypal order page, where you can use a credit card if you like. You may also send me a personal check. Email me ( ) to let me know your check is coming, and mail to: 0S430 Jefferson, Winfield, IL 60190.

Here are your options for Custom Coding:

1.  Three personal one on one sessions: $195.00. Click below to order this package.

Order custom healing codes

2.   Five personal one on one sessions $300.00. Click below to order this package.

Order custom healing codes

 3.   Eight personal one on one sessions: $440.00 Click below to order this package.

Order custom healing codes

Special Book Package

If you don't already have The Healing Code book, you may also get a copy with 1 personal Coding session for only $74.95. You're essentially getting the book for only $4.95, plus free shipping! (US addresses only for the free shipping.) This 321-page #1 best seller includes the universal Healing Code that works for any issue, explains how The Healing Codes work and how "the heart" works, and more–such as the 10-second Instant Impact technique to get rid of circumstantial stress. (This technique is not found anywhere else, not even in the Healing Codes Manual.) Please note: The red order link below only applies to US orders. If you live in Canada or overseas, order the book from this link and then contact me via email to arrange for your coaching session.

Order custom healing codes Get The Healing Code book + Custom Coding session (US orders only)

Just Want to Try It? Pay as You Go Option

If you already have the book, and/or just want to try it out, you may order one Custom Coding session for $70.00.

Order custom healing codes 1 custom coding session

"Healing Heart Issues" group custom coaching calls

 Diane has started live coaching sessions in which a custom Healing Code is developed for every person in the group, and then Diane leads you through doing the Code together, right on the call! These group custom codes are very powerful, and they can be used even after the call for a specified period of time on your issue (at least two weeks). It's not uncommon for a participant's issue to go from a 10 to a 0 or 1 just from the one group Healing Code on the call. If you're interested in joining a Healing Hearts Circle group, go to www.healingheartscircle.com for more information. Sign up for the free session.

"Before I started doing The Healing Codes, I was skeptical. But it worked! Then I tried the Custom Code Diane gave me. It was so powerful! Before I did the Code, I felt like my issue was a 9 on a scale of 1-10. After doing the Custom Code once, I could barely detect any 'charge.' It was down to a 1 and has stayed that way."

--Cathy, North Carolina